KoHachi Productions

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  1. Do I have to be an "otaku" to join the site?

    No. That's completely unnecessary. We love it if you are an otaku, but non-otakudom doesn't exclude you from joining. We don't care what you think about anime, we would just love for you to join.

  2. Do I have to know you personally to join?

    Of course not! It may seem that way, since everyone here knows one or both of us, but don't feel that way. Excuse us for being repetitive, but we would love for anyone and everyone to join. Unless we specifically indicate otherwise. Which we have not.

  3. Why aren't you more active on this site?

    As much as we hate to say it, we've got lives away from this website. Busy lives. And both of us will be in high school this year, so we won't have too much time to be on here.

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