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So, hello there! I know I'm new and I doubt I know everyone, and the ones I do I probably can't connect to their usernames on here, but I'd like to suggest a collabrative art project for anyone who wishes to join in. This will be a great opportunity for me to get to know some people, not to mention I know there are some good artists and writers on here. If we worked together I know we could probably create something really mind-blowingly epic.


I'd hardly consider myself an otaku, but I do enjoy the occasional manga every now and then, as well as graphic works from other cultures as well. If I am assuming correctly, I believe a good sized chunk of this site may share similar views about graphic story-telling. If any of you guys have ever worked or are working on a manga or comic, you should know that these things often take a great deal of work, time and dedication to manage.


This project will be relatively simple, and with enough people it shouldn't be too difficult. One person shall make one page and post it. The next person shall make the next, continuing the storyline, and then the third will continue with their page, and so on, with the first person continuing after the last. You can collaborate with other page makers if you wish to have a certain plot, or have everything completely turn around with your page. This shouldn't take too much time out of each person's schedule, and makes an interesting project to do.


There are no restrictions, although I'd like to requesting keeping the pages 8.5x11 inches (612x792 px if you choose to do this digitally, with 72 px per in resolution) for consistency. You can choose to have the pages left to right for right to left, any art style, including interpretive stick figure drawings, if that's the way you roll. You absolutely do not have to be a super talented artist to participate, though you are free to ask someone else to draw your ideas down for you, provided they consent (But yay for interpretive stick figures).


You can opt for traditional or digital drawing. If any of you traditional artists happen to have a low quality scanner or camera like me, I am willing to help clean up and retouch images, though as I'm not the most flexible with my schedule, I hope other artists possessing digital software may opt to help as well.


Plot-wise, you can have anything happen, provided they comply with the site and Webs rules (That means porn, nudity, and overexcessive gore is a BIG no- no, sorry folks). Though why anyone'd want to draw/write those things in the first place and post them here is entirely beyond my comprehension.


I'd love if we kept the plotline original, or at least from becoming too similar to existing copyrighted series, so please, please, try to keep it creative. One tip would be the ten idea rule, where you think up ten ideas and take the tenth idea, which would be more original than what others would think up because they only stop at the second or third idea. That doesn't mean think up ten crazy ideas and use them, but try steering away from a generic plotline. This also applies to copyrighted characters, designs, and names that already have a popular association, such as Naruto, which is pretty much already a popular trademark to the main character of Naruto.


Remember, this project will belong to everyone who participates. That means that you'll have to try to continue on with people's storylines. If the plot is going a direction you don't like, you may have to go along with it, or post a suggestion to bring to the plot to where you want it. If things don't go the way you want for one thing, we'll try to incorporate your ideas for the next. Don't suddenly have a character change personalities or die just because that's the way you want it, try to work with everyone else.


My last request is that you don't trace. References are freely allowed, but tracing another artist's work is considered plagarism, and while I doubt anyone would persecute you for it, I'd like this to be an original and legal work. I ask that you do not use bases either, but using them for reference is fine. This is meant to be a fun project, not an art contest, so don't fret if you feel you are not an artist. As long as you are satisfied with your interpretive stick figures, we're satisfied too.


Does this project interest you? Are you willing to take an hour or so every one or two weeks to contribute? If so, please post, along with plot, character, and setting suggestions. Once we've agreed on something and have a posting order laid out, we'll get started. :)

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